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Buy Local...

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood (remember Mr. Rogers?) and in most of Wisconsin today. Seventy degrees in November, what’s not to like about that? I spent most of my day outside working but it was so pleasant that it hardly seemed like work.

I had a handful of projects sitting in the garage (Al HATES it when I have “store stuff” in the garage) that needed to either be cleaned up, hardware put on or some other minor thing done to it before it I could take it in to the shop. Thanks to the great weather, I managed to get quite a bit done.

As I worked on my projects today, I was thinking about this year’s holiday shopping season getting underway and making sure the shop is well stocked for our customers. Of course we have items that we have ordered from our tried and true companies and of course many of them are “made in China”. Do we wish that wasn’t so? We do. Can we survive without those products? Unfortunately not. We have however, tried very hard to “buy local” just as we hope that you will.

Here a few examples. We have great corrugated tin letters, personalized signs & boxes, pillows, table runners, wreaths, frames, signs and jewelry all made in Wisconsin. We have candles, signs, calendars, repurposed vintage pieces and cards all made in the United States. Do we wish we could do more? Absolutely! And we will…k

November 4, 2015

Posted 202 weeks ago