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Those People...

It was Polkafest time in New Glarus this past weekend. In conjunction with that, Saturday was the Beer, Bacon and Cheesefest (or as a couple of customers referred to it as the “Heart Attack Fest). There was also the Canoefest in Darlington (their 50th anniversary, WOW!) and the Summer Frolic in Mount Horeb. So many festivals, so little time…impossible to get to them all (or since I worked all 3 days, didn’t get to any other than hearing the bands play outside the shop).

Festivals are great way to highlight a community, bringing in tourists and locals alike to spend money (which is how a community survives), but they are also a terrific amount of work especially for folks in a small town. A smaller population means a limited number of people to help with the multitude of tasks that need to be done to insure a successful event. It’s amazing how people pull together to get all the details taken care of, spending countless hours at meetings when they have already put in a day’s work. Making sure everything is ready to go down to the slightest detail is no small amount of work.

I have one thing to say about those people that put aside their obligations either at home or at work to help out because they love their community so much and that is, thank you…k


June 14, 2016

Posted 346 weeks ago