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No Matter Which Way It Goes...

My daughter Allison recently sent me a Fitbit as a gift. If you’re not familiar with the item, it’s a “bracelet” that keeps track of how much you walk in a day, among other things. The goal is at least 10000 steps a day. I wish I could say I make that every day but I don’t. I actually try, and I used to think it wouldn’t be that hard given that I’m not much of a sitter and I have steps at the shop. I have passed the goal a few times and come quite close lots of times (that counts doesn’t it) but a lot of days, I just don’t make it.

It’s funny, isn’t it, how much we think we move around in a day’s time. In my case, apparently I stand behind the counter at the store a lot more than I realized. Obviously, I need to get moving if I really want to take those 10000 steps every day.

We all have good intentions in regard to our small goals, whether it be those 10000 steps, eating a little less (or in my case, a little less sugar), going to bed earlier, maybe drinking two cups of coffee instead of three. Those are the small things in life we can do, not huge life changes, just things that might make us a little healthier, a little thinner, a little less tired.

It’s the big goals that are so much harder to accomplish, like quitting smoking (we’ve all watched a loved one struggle with this one), losing a substantial amount of weight, working less, or the opposite, working more in the hopes of making a business succeed.

We all have goals, big and small, some will be met, some not. No matter which way it goes, as long as you do your best, you’ve accomplished something…k


June 28, 2016

Posted 344 weeks ago