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Snowmen That Have No Glitz...

Christmas is coming, literally. In the retail world we do most of our ordering for the holiday season in January. The cartons of holiday merchandise start to roll in about now as most companies want it out of their warehouses and into the store even though we don’t want to put any of it out for at least a couple more months. If we ask for later delivery dates, most sales representatives for the companies we choose to order from tell us that by doing that we will risk not getting what we want as it’s “first come, first serve”.

Having explained that, I just want to say that I feel like Suz and I have “worn glitter” for a large part of our lives. Under one name or another, we’ve been in business more than thirty years and this is how our year generally goes in regard to the amount of glitter we deal with. January and February we work at moving out what’s left over after the holidays (just once, I would love NO leftovers) and March brings continuous vacuuming to get rid of the glitter that seems to still be everywhere. April, May and June gives us a break from all the shiny stuff and then we are right back in the midst of sparkles between our toes, a bit of shine in one eyebrow and a trail of fairy dust leading across the carpet.

We could order ornaments that don’t sparkle like the stars in the sky when your lights hit them, garlands for your mantle that haven’t any shine even though you put your flickering candles amongst them, Santas and snowmen that have no glitz (or personality) or all sorts of things that just sit there with none of that messy glitter. Not happening…k

July 14, 2016

Posted 342 weeks ago