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How Bad Do You Need Something...

I drove to Darlington today with a long list of errands to run. I usually go over once a week to check on our section in Mathys Ace Hardware store (& Di is kind enough to check it once a week to save me a second trip) straightening things & restocking if necessary. I had both a personalized box & signs to pick up from the fine folks in Darlington that take care of those things for us. Since I had a deposit & needed change for the store, I also stopped at the bank. As you can see, I try to make the most of my weekly trip.

When I arrived at Mathys not only were the usual cars & trucks in the parking lot but also an Amish buggy with the horse tied to a post. There are quite a number of Amish families making their home in the Darlington area so it’s not unusual to see their buggies around town. If you are in the right spot (or the wrong spot, depending on how you look at it) on a Sunday afternoon, you may follow 20 to 30 buggies heading for home after their all day church services.

When I saw that buggy today, I happened to glance down at the list I had made before leaving home ( because if I don’t have a list, there is NO way I will remember everything I need to do) & the thought that popped into my head was, if you’re Amish, how bad do you need something before you go to town? Between having to get the horses out, hook them up & the slow (sometimes cold & wet) journey into town & back, there are probably no trips made for a single item. 

I would guess no matter how organized I think I am or how much I can accomplish in one trip, I have nothing on those folks…k


August 1, 2016

Posted 330 weeks ago