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All My Days To Be Sunny...

It’s another beautiful day here in Wisconsin. My geraniums are still blooming on my front porch. In November. I could take this weather forever (or at least until April, then it can warm up).

 I think it’s amazing how much weather can affect us. Give most of us a sunny day & we think we “have the world by the tail”. Likewise, gloomy or rainy days can really bring us down, making us feel like we don’t really care if we accomplish anything or not. If only we had a machine of some sort or a spray we could use for the days that aren’t so sunny to get rid of the gloom/rain. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Maybe, maybe not.

If we only had sunny days & nice temperatures, would we lose our appreciation for what we consider a good weather day? Would we start to think, big deal, another sunny day? Would we grow bored & start praying for a crappy weather day (you know, one of those, I just want to lay on the couch all day watching weepy movies & drink a little coffee with a lot of Baileys in it kind of day)?

I think my life (& probably everyone else’s) is something like the weather. No one wishes for anything bad to happen in their lives, but do the bad things, the drama, the days that aren’t so sunny, give us a bigger appreciation for the sunny days? I certainly hope so, because if they don’t, I want all my days to be sunny…k


November 16, 2016

Posted 321 weeks ago