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Kind Of Comforting...

I just finished watching The Wizard of Oz. Again. It has always been one of my favorite movies & although I have probably seen it something like 40 times, I never tire of it.

I remember seeing it as a child, sometimes cowering behind one of the upholstered chairs in the living room, terrified of the Wicked Witch but unable to turn away. That little girl that used to cower behind the chair is long gone but I’m still pretty happy when Dorothy accidentally throws water on the witch, only to have her end up in a puddle.

It’s funny how some things manage to span generations. Iconic movies like The Wizard of Oz, Casablanca & Gone With The Wind are great examples of films that seem to be ageless. Some toys seem to have been around forever…Etch A Sketch, board games like Candyland & Monopoly or Slinkys are just a couple that come to mind. Even good old Barbie, first on the market in the 1950′s, is still featured in commercials this holiday season. 

In a world where so many things change so fast & so often (think, anything electronic, social media, etc.) it’s actually kind of comforting to know that some things never change, never go out of style & best of all, never lose their ability to charm us…k


December 6, 2016

Posted 355 weeks ago