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A Lot Happier...

The weather outside is frightful, just like it says in the song. For the third weekend in a row, it’s “snow” nasty. I hope this isn’t an indication of how the rest of the winter is going to be. Never mind that this is December, in Wisconsin, with at least another three & a half months of winter to go. There are soooo many reasons to not like winter. I don’t like being cold. I don’t like worrying about bad roads. I don’t like the days being shorter. I just don’t like winter.

I guess I do have to say there are some good things about winter. Christmas is my favorite holiday & it’s in the winter. In January, I go to market to order holiday for the 2017 Christmas season at the store, a job I really like. Still winter. February brings new merchandise, Valentine’s Day, & a short month. Yep, still here. March brings us it’s history of being the snowiest month…don’t even want to think about that. 

And then comes April, with the promise of refreshing rains, warmer temps & thoughts of Spring. Yes, I know, without winter, there would be no Spring but I’d be a lot happier if winter only lasted for about three weeks…k

December 17, 2016

Posted 350 weeks ago