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Serial Renovators...

As “"serial renovators”, (translation: people who start thinking about working on another house before they’re done with the current project) I’ve always said, if we had enough time & money, we’d save every old building we see. Since we’re not wealthy & somehow time has had it’s way with us, there’s a limit to how many more homes we can renovate. Still, whenever we drive somewhere, we comment on the houses we like & sometimes say what we would do to “fix it”.

Saving & adding architectural details, learning the history of the home & choosing appropriate materials for the things that need to be replaced are all parts of the process we appreciate the most. Of the seven homes we’ve done, obviously there were things I loved about each of them. Picking a favorite would be difficult. I’m always a little sad when each house is finished.

Will we be going on to number eight now that we are done one more time? Only time will tell. What I can tell you is that whenever a house is in our hands, it will brought back to life, well cared for & loved. As a “"serial renovator”, I think every old house should be entitled to that…k

January 3, 2017

Posted 350 weeks ago