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Lots Of Research...

It’s market time for us. That’s when we order the coming year’s holiday decor as well as picking up new home decor that we hadn’t previously ordered. As always, I have been looking through my favorite decorating magazines in addition to checking out trade magazines for new trends before we go to our markets. 

As most of us know, “upcycling” (the art of reusing & recycling items) is still huge. Mixing antiques with new items (something SISTERS has been doing for years) is also a way of decorating that is not going away anytime soon. The Atlanta Gift Show actually has a section now where you can purchase antiques right along with your new home accessories.

One of the other trends I’m seeing highlighted is the use of plaids.  Plaid has been around for many years, mostly in clothing (remember those cute little skirts you wore in high school) like the plaid flannel shirts that were everywhere this year. Now it appears that you’ll be seeing plaids not only used more & more for clothing but also to upholster furniture & of course for home accessories like pillows & table linens.

After "all this research”, I’ll still buy for the shop & decorate my home pretty much the same way I’ve always done it, by buying what I love…k


January 16, 2017

Posted 306 weeks ago