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Very Simple...

Oh Lord, another birthday! How did I get so old so fast? Why just yesterday I was whining about turning 30. I’m more than twice that now in what seems like just a few short years. And yet I’m one of the lucky ones, I’m healthy, (knock on wood) & I love what I do. 

Every once in awhile I have this charming woman in the shop. She lives in Monroe & I would guess she’s approaching 80 if not a bit more that that. She sells antiques in a small antique mall about 40 or so miles away. As lots of antique dealers do, myself included, she checks out what other shops have to offer. Sometimes you find a piece that you think you can make a few dollars on, doesn’t need any work & if nothing else gives you a new item in your shop. The last time this sweet lady was in, she bought a bench from me. I gave her a bit of a deal as she has been a good customer, finished up the transaction & told her if she would hold the door open for me, I would carry it out to her vehicle for her. I had other customers in the shop so she insisted that she was going to carry it out. After offering 3 or 4 times to do it, I decided that since the bench wasn’t heavy & she was very insistent that she could handle it, to back off & let her do it. She did just fine with it.

My point to that story is very simple. I hope I’m just like her in another 15 years…k


March 20, 2017

Posted 319 weeks ago