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Lucky You...

I just finished reading an article in a trade magazine in regard to coming trends. Guess what? Those brass light fixtures you got rid of a few years ago along with anything gold or copper are coming back! Back as in “"I swear I just got all the light fixtures, door hardware & faucets changed to brushed nickel & you want me to change it?”  Yup, that’s exactly what the companies that come up with & set decorating trends want you to do. 

There are isn’t an unlimited number of finishes so once they’ve run through antique bronze, chrome, brushed nickel, etc., the designers need to come up with something “new”. This time it’s warmer finishes such as gold, brass & copper to incorporate into our living spaces. For example, the article was accompanied by a picture of a kitchen with beautiful black cabinets finished off with brass hardware. I have to admit, the combination was very striking.

So if you’re one of those people out there that just can’t stand the thought of not having the latest look in your home, I hope you’re also one of those people that never throws anything away. You probably have your perfectly good brass light fixtures, cabinet hardware & door knobs stashed in your garage or attic. Lucky you or maybe not…k

April 10, 2017

Posted 292 weeks ago