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There's Another Day...

Yesterday was so beautiful, sunny & 70 degrees. Today, cold, rainy & 40. Rain is forecast off & on for the next week. Lovely, just lovely. 

April is that month of the year that holds the promise of better weather, May flowers, the end of the school year, flip flops.. need I say more? It seems to come so slowly to those of us that are not patient. A warm day here & there tempered with a week of crappy weather. Yuk, yuk, yuk.

And yet, when we wish for warmer weather to arrive sooner, we are wishing our lives away because we can’t have warmer weather faster without our days going by faster as well. We’re that way about so many things in life aren’t we? Once we graduate from high school, we want so badly to be out from under our parents, then poof, we are our parents. We can’t wait for a child or grandchild to come into the world, & once they do, we blink & they’re off to college. We want our world to move but yet we don’t because once the day is gone, we can’t get it back.

I think I, for one, will just try to be happy that there’s another day, rainy or otherwise…k

April 27, 2017

Posted 318 weeks ago