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It's Okay...

I went to the Overture Center in Madison a few weeks ago to see a theatre production of Cabaret with several people, including my daughter-in-law, her mom & 3 or 4 other women. I had never seen it (even though I’ve since learned it’s been around for 50 years) & I wasn’t familiar with the story line. Of course many of you probably know that the musical centers around kind of a trashy nightclub & a performer named Sally Bowles. 

Some of the language, songs & dancing were somewhat risqué (as is the latest Victoria’s Secret commercial on tv) but nothing was too outrageous as far as I was concerned & I’m pretty conservative. Having just pointed out that I think I’m conservative, I was somewhat surprised when the production continued after about a 15 minute intermission to see numerous empty seats!

Apparently my tolerance level for foul language, off color jokes & suggestive dancing is much higher than I thought it was or else I am willing to overlook it when I’m watching something that I think has value to it. Obviously the people who left during the intermission don’t share my opinion & that’s okay. 

It’s okay with me that some folks were so uncomfortable with the production that they left the theatre. It’s okay with me that most other people stayed, some for the same reasons I stayed, maybe others because they were there for the "risqué”. It’s okay with me that we don’t all think alike, act alike, dream alike.

Because that, as they say, is “"what makes the world go around”…k

May 11, 2017

Posted 342 weeks ago